Children’s Ministry

As your child becomes a young adult, First Baptist Church of Hoover (FBCH) is committed to helping your child grow as a young adult in Christ.


If your child is grade 1 to 6, we have several activities through the year that your child can be a part of.  Bowling, roller skating, hiking, field trips, and Sunday School are a few of the activities.  Here are a couple of our big activities below.

@ Vacation Bible School

Beginning each summer, Vacation Bible School (VBS) works to develop your child’s spiritual growth into their adult years.

During our week long event, we provide activities that will engage your child’s creative and social skills while connecting them with God’s teachings.

VBS (2013)

VBS (2013)

If you wish to become a volunteer in our children’s ministry, please contact the main office.

@ Children’s Camp

Each year the children have the opportunity to attend Children’s Camp.  Children’s Camp is held at World Song and is part of the Damascus Road Ministry.  Damascus Road Ministry is located in Gadsden Alabama (Paul Harbison, the President).