About our Church

Our Mission

To be the family of God where all people are welcome and believers are discipled under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, characterized by grace, guidance, and growth.

Our Humble Beginnings

Back in the mid 1950’s, a group of people gathered together to formulate plans to begin a church in the small Patton Chapel community. Thus began the Patton Chapel Baptist Church. History tells us that this church struggled in its beginnings, but the people of God kept to its task of reaching people and building a church for the Glory of God. In the early 1970’s, as the city of Hoover was created, the church changed its name to the First Baptist Church of Hoover. The buildings and the surroundings look quite different today compared to the mid 1950’s, but the heartbeat of the church has not changed. Its mission is to evangelize the ever growing population of Hoover, and to support missions around the world.

First Baptist Church of Hoover is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention.