Our ministry exists to shepherd students in their faith by cultivating a heart of worship, fostering an environment of fellowship, and providing opportunities for discipleship, so that they can discover their own ministry and be fully equipped to reach the world for Christ.



We worship God with our whole lives, while providing opportunities for gathered worship weekly. Come join us for our Wednesday night service!
Church Dinner in the Fellowship Hall: 5pm
Student Worship- 6pm


Everyone longs for community; a place to be fully known and fully accepted. We provide multiple opportunities for fellowship with our weekly events, as well as regular outings and retreats, and service projects. As we rally around a common purpose, loving one another and confessing to one another, we become a family. The church gathered should be a safe, loving, and nurturing place which provides the soil for growth in the Christian life.



This is the heart of our Student Ministry. Young Christians need to be discipled, and we strive to equip them to understand God’s word and live a life for Christ. We have Sunday School at 9:15, where we walk through God’s Word and talk about what it means for our lives. Sunday nights are our time for Discipleship Groups, where young adult leaders lead students in directed questions, and where students can share about what is going on in their lives.


We believe that every Christian who is growing in their faith will discover an area for ministry. We are all ministers! We try and provide regular opportunities for students to discover their ministry gifts and callings and use them to serve the church and others.



Missional living is the fruit of a life sold out to God. We want every student to understand that they are living a “sent” life. We also go on a yearly mission trip, “Mfuge”, where students engage in guided outreach, evangelism, and service.